Child Ambassador

Able Community Child Ambassadors are an amazing group of sponsors who share about child sponsorship with their friends, family, and community — helping more children get sponsored so they can experience life in its fullness. Each member of this group shares differently based on their unique gifting and the variety of tools available.

  • Help more children by sharing the life-changing work of child sponsorship with others
  • Join a community of people like you – who care about helping children through child sponsorship!
  • Be equipped with tools, training, and ideas to help you find new sponsors among your family and friends.
  • Attend meaningful in-person events to get to know other Child Ambassadors, like our annual conference!
  • You can even earn a chance to see Able Community’s work in the field by getting sponsorships!
Child Ambassadors find that their lives are enriched as they help enrich the lives of new sponsors and the children they sponsor. We believe that sponsorship is a mutually transforming experience for both the sponsor and the child and is a way to live out our spiritual and humanity call to love the poor, the hungry, the sick, and the stranger.